These trees grow only in the ravines and on the

I have come to some conclusions about all this knitting for charity. First, we probably are going to get enough hats, but we probably won be getting enough gloves or mittens for all the recipients, so maybeI should concentrate on those. And second, the cabled scarf I made is plenty warm enough, but it felt like it would never get done, so I got to find another pattern if I am going to make more scarves.

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“As far as the most painstaking process, it’s painting,” he revealed. “We had a lot of painting to do. I hate painting, it’s tedious and I make a mess. With that being said, everything is different because we don’t know what actually they have or can use, so a lot of guys are doing different things to stay ready. I do know that the Peloton bike has been very popular. I know I have one myself, and get up every morning and ride for 40 minutes, and I get my day started.

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