It a good thing given it has one black executive in

This has not been officially unveiled, but this is a screen rip from United website, so its all but confirmed to be the next home shirt for the new EPL champions. I think this is a large step up from the current season as it does away with the dodgy collar and unnecessary white trim adorning the shoulders. One rumor is that the red sleeve cuffs may fold up to reveal a design similar to the collar, much like the new France shirts allow for.

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Access to media both by the political opposition to reach the public and by the public for access to good information is being restricted. “Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty was taken off FM radio” [NOTE: RFE/RL broadcasts were to have since been restored on March 1, but a jammed signal prevented the transmission.] and there have been threats to shut down the popular newspaper Silski Visti. “Somehow the civil society organizations manage to get ’round the absence of media by producing smaller bulletins, and by use of the Internet, but it’s still not a substitute for having access to major media as in national TV and major newspapers.”.

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