In 2004, he was hospitalised with a broken wrist

Big Virg, for all the grousing over his atypically spotty passing, had two or three crucial defensive stops, and continues to be peerless in the air.And Sadio Mane. Has there been a better player in the world this calendar year than Sadio Mane? In the jubilation over the fightback, I don’t think enough attention has been paid to what an artful header that winner was. Redirecting with precision a ball sent from that distance and at that speed is as amazing, in its own way, as any of the indescribable things Mane has done with his feet this season.I hesitate to write anything more about VAR, but can I put forward this: The next time we get together for a proper drink, I will regale you with my full presentation, complete with visual aids, and perhaps sugar packets or bar coasters meant to illustrate the inner workings of the technology I envision.

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