Decorating homes and trees is one of the major

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wholesale nba basketball CLEVELAND, Ohio Ohio might look to California for a solution to its gerrymandering problem.The Golden State has succeeded in removing politicians from the drawing of congressional district boundaries, something Ohio lawmakers have refused to do.So, Californians end up with districts designed to reflect the common interests of their communities, unlike many Ohioans whose districts only reflect the re election interests of politicians and their parties. In search of a way to rid Ohio of gerrymandering, we will highlight over the next several months how other states and countries go about drawing political district lines. By The California wayA 14 member independent commission no elected officials allowed draws the congressional district lines in California.The method was established by a voter referendum in 2010, with 61 percent of California voters approving what was dubbed the “Voters First Act for Congress.””The representatives don choose their voters anymore,” said Sherry Bebitch Jeffe, an expert on politics and elections, and a senior fellow at the USC Price School of Public Policy.Jeffe view is shared by Helen Hutchinson, president of the League of Women Voters of California.Before reform, the elected leaders who worked redistricting maps were “just trying to protect people who were incumbents,” she said wholesale nba basketball.