He received a lot of encouragement from his family

The suit claimed Healy had duped Pennsylvania chiropractor Alfred Madeira out of at least $11 million from May 2008 to March 2009. It was part of a Ponzi scheme Healy ran that would steal up to $16 million from about 40 investors.The afternoon slid on. Turner showed Healy handwritten documents that were faxed to Madeira as proof that the chiropractor’s money was being invested well.

“We’re still feeding and handing technology to students. Teachers are saying now I have high school students who are taking full time jobs because mom and dad have lost their jobs. That’s where I say you know what let’s just be there, be part of that social network for our kids to connect, know that we care.

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“We just felt it was important we start to engage kids again,” AVSC executive director Mark Godomsky said. “We are hopefully rolling this out as safe and as professionally as we can and taking into consideration the health and wellbeing of kids, because if that doesn’t exist, we shouldn’t be doing anything. So we are working hard to make sure we have standards and protocols in place.”.

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