Stern talking or talking down to is not accepted

Along with Evan Weaver, the Pac 12 saw a few of its other dominant players fall much further than their talent and production would have suggested. As one of the best collegiate pass rushers over the past couple seasons, former Utah defensive end Bradlee Anae was expected to be a solid day two selection. Yet with one pick remaining in round five, the two time First Team All Pac 12 Honoree found himself still on the board before the Dallas Cowboys scooped him up with the 179th pick..

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Media Blues: NZME makes offer to buy rival Stuff for $1Media group NZME has made an offer to buy rival Stuff for a nominal $1. It has applied for Commerce Commission approval and seeks special legislation from the government by end of the month. More>>ALSO:RNZ Covid 19: Government announces support package for media sectorBetter Public Media Good And Bad News In Media Funding AnnouncementNZ Govt Media Support Package Delivers Industry Request For Assistance.

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