Gatherings of up to 25 people were being allowed

In that span, the league has released little information about the future of this season. Resuming the season at a bubble site is a possibility. So is delaying the start of next season until December. “My dream of being an editor hasn’t changed. Even coming back, people are like, ‘You want to major in English? That’s not where all the jobs are at.’ I’ve learned from going there that just because everyone says that isn’t the best thing to do, I’ll make the best of what I’m going to do and I’ll be happy doing it,” Johnson said. “I’m very excited to go to UMaine because I know a ton of friends there and it’s close by.

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That is just one business example, and though they are opening this week, it will take other restaurants longer. Many restaurants have a smaller footprint than the caf, which will make distancing the tables more difficult, while some restaurants will be adding outdoor dining which they may have never done before. My best advice is to give a call first or check the company’s website for their hours of operation, or.

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