“You put a competitive team on the ice and if you

I chose to make this shawl because I had lost the bamboo and corn yarn shawl https://www.jerseykui.com that I made a few summers ago. This Trendsetter yarn has a similar consistency to the Southwest Trading Company Bamboo that is in the garter stitching on my other shawl. At the end of last summer, I couldn find it, and I was heartbroken.

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The 2015/16 Chanel Cruise collection was also inspired by traditional Korean aesthetics, although more experimental in its approach than the collection of Jin Teok. Specifically, Lagerfeld chooses to draw motifs from both clothing and nonclothing elements embedded in Korean tradition. He masterfully weaves the colorful patterns of bojagi, or wrapping clothes, as well as the delicate images of mother of pearl lacquerware, with recognizable elements of the Chanel identity.

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Skinny: David Lene has a skill set that can easily have you guys seeing him as a force on the defensive side of the ball. But from what I’ve witness this kid do as Quarterback I’m willing to bet he can very well have a bright future at the Quarterback position. Lene leads his troops into battle by not only getting his hands dirty but by leading by example, this kid has so much command over the offense and seems to always check into the right play or make the right play.

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