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“I don’t know, man,” Doolittle replied when asked how the team keeps winning in clutch games. “I was going to say that we really know how to use the force. I dunno. The Union Station Times, as the Arkansas Times was then known, was first published on Sept. 9, 1974, as a 32 page tabloid that came out every other week. At the time, “The Amorous Flea” was playing at the Arkansas Philharmonic Theatre (the predecessor to the Arkansas Repertory Theatre); Judy Petty was running against 2nd District Congressman Wilbur Mills; the Terminal Hotel was selling plate lunches; the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band had a gig at the University of Arkansas’s auditorium; and a Rising Tide saxophone player and Wine Cellar regular complained “there’s no good local music scene happening publicly here.”.

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