‘ Even knowing what they had over there

The doomsaying was amplified this week as NBA Commissioner Adam Silver told the crowd at the SBJ Dealmakers conference that the league is hampered by a “broken” pay TV model. “It’s not just in terms of the loss of homes, but our young viewers in particular are tuning out cable,” Silver said. (Millennials: Is there anything they https://www.bookjerseys.com haven’t ruined?)But asSports Business Journal’s John Ourandnotes, the broken system that keeps letting the NBA down also dumps “around $2.66 billion per year into the NBA’s coffers.”.

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My only primer, embarrassingly, was a few games of Madden on my Xbox gaming console. But hey, I could play along, right? This is New York, home of the NY Giants, so obviously, my job would be to boo the New England Patriots, right? Nope. When you are a team as dominant as the Patriots (five Super Bowl championships, all since the turn of this century) you make fans all over the world..

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